Tennis Clothing  

Tennis is an exciting game that's been around for many years. You can see people strutting around the court at your local high school, at the YMCA and on many sports channels on television. The one thing you'll notice is that they are all wearing some really great looking clothes. You may not thing that clothes are an important of playing good tennis. You're correct in thinking that the ball and tennis racquet are the most important parts of your tennis accessories.  However, comfort plays a large part in how you play the game and the maximum comfort requires the correct type of clothing.

Visors, sweatbands or hats work great for hot sunny days.  Tank tops or t-shirts should be loose-fitting enough to be comfortable and a fabric that wicks moisture. If a female, their shirt should have a built-in bra. Tennis shorts should fit properly and be of sweat wicking fabric. They should have a comfortable waistband. You may not need socks, but they'll add to your comfort, especially with cushioned soles and good tennis shoes. A warm up suit will help you be more comfortable when any time it's worn. The most important feature of your tennis clothing is that they be made of material that resists moisture and sweat.