What's So Special About Tennis?  

Tennis is a fun sport, whether played with a partner or as part of a team. Until you've played the game for yourself, you can't really appreciate how much fun tennis can be. It's played on a large (27' X 78') rectangular court or surface with a net, tennis ball and tennis racquet. The court consists of lines that designate different parts of the court such as out of bounds, serving line, serving box, etc. The teams or players are on opposite sides of the court, with one side being the serving side and the other the receiving.  The servicing side begins play by attempting to hit the ball with the racquet and making it go over the net (without touching the net) and landing in bounds on the receiving side.

In what's called a legal service, the ball has to land in the service box on the receiving side. The receiving side has to hit the ball back before it bounces twice or hits anything besides the net. This continues until one team fails to successfully hit it back , thus giving the other side the point. The game consists of a designated number of sets and is an exhilarating and very fun game, whether played for fun or professionally.